Photographic Release Form

Exhibit B

The City of Santa Clarita agrees to obtain a Photographic Release from all approved media guests for the 2018 Cowboy Festival, for any and all photographs, films, and videos that are taken at William S. Hart Park, the Canyon Theatre Guild and The MAIN are to be published or used in any type of promotion which includes all print/media/electronic formats. The Photographic Release must be obtained by any and all City of Santa Clarita staff, contractors, or Press/Media representatives who have been approved under the Press/Media Permit. The Photographic Release obtained by the City will allow media to utilize film shot at 2018 Cowboy Festival to be published only as part of 2018 Cowboy Festival event coverage, and not used for any other purposes.  Failure to obtain a photographic release for any and all images taken at the Cowboy Festival prior to publication in print/media/electronic formats shall be a breach of the terms and conditions of the Press/Media Permit and may result in a lawsuit between the City of Santa Clarita and the violating party. The City of Santa Clarita takes responsibility for any of its staff, contractors or individuals approved under the Press/Media Permit known as Exhibit A, & B. All completed and approved copies are to be placed on file with the City Clerk.

Press Release Form

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