Adrian’s fourth album Desert Dwelling Mama out 2019, finds the young singer/songwriter emerging as more than the 14 year old cowboy crooner when we first met her through her debut album Highway 80. Blossoming into a mature writer, young woman and performer, the album was Co-produced by Adrian and longtime mentor and recording studio owner Craig Schumacher. The emotional and brassy tones the pair produced were recorded at Wavelab Studios in Tucson AZ with musicians that let their inner cowboy surface as they played. Combining heartfelt and hard hitting lyrics, and the throwback sounds of bluesy guitar riffs and an unbridled originality, Adrian’s new songs will reverberate with Ian Tyson and Tom Russell fans as easily as they do the followers of The Dead South and Nathaniel Rateliff.

Desert Dwelling Mama is a ravenous trip through the fallout pain that abuse and violence can inflict on a young woman’s life, and the love and lifestyle that mended the holes it leaves. The record begins with a raspy homage to tradition with a re-write of the old standard “Buffalo Girls” and concludes with the rollicking and satire soaked “Facebook Buckaroo” that takes no prisoners. In “Queen of the trailer park” and “Happy Ending” Adrian’s old school country vibe and cheeky refusal to subscribe to current body and beauty standards, reminds young women what it means to be true to themselves and proud of who they are no matter what. Likewise the ballad “My old bay friend” pays homage to a long-gone equine partner, while “Black Rock Woman” and “Gunpowder on the wind” tell the story of domestic violence that became strength and power. “Nice Girl” is an ode to the mean girls of the world, (“Gonna be a nice girl gonna say yes ma’am, mind my own business and you can pound sand”) before moving onto “Patsy,” a tribute to one of her earliest musical influences as the lone “true love song” simply titled “Fall for me” reminds listeners of past narrow misses like a punch to the gut.

“Cowboy music fed my soul,” Adrian says, “But traveling across the US by myself, discovering America, and living in an off grid cabin for a year in the Utah wilderness taught me that my music could be much more than I ever believed.”


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