CBF_Biskit Hatch_250x350Wade Hatch or “Biskit” as he’s known in the business, grew up in northern Utah in a ranching community where he was free to roam the fields and experience the life of a cowboy.

At the age of 14 Biskit met Kimball Blackburn, a local saddle maker and leather craftsman. Kimball taught him the art of carving, lacing, and after making his first saddle, leather became part of his life.

Biskit’s work is all handcrafted and you most likely will be able to see him working on a project as you visit his chuckwagon. Biskit loves to talk about the past and meet new cowboys and cowgirls, so if you stop by be prepared to stay awhile.

Biskit Hatch

  • Main Street


Main Street

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