Dust in my Coffee

Dust in My Coffee is simply a cowboy band capturing the spirit of the North American West. The band performs and writes original songs that express many of their own experiences. The lead singer/song writer is a cowboy who shares his vision of the folklore and western way of life through his music. Dust in My Coffee offers a fresh sound of traditional western music blended with Celtic flavor, enhancing the roots of a genre long forgotten. If you are searching for the Old West and the real cowboy life, this band will feed your hunger.

Brett Bush on guitar, bagpipes, and lead vocals. Playing, writing, and arranging for over ten years. Owner of Thunderstruck cattle ranch, PRCA bull rider and PCCHA cutter.

Eric Holmberg on guitar. Eric has been playing drums with Victory or Death for ten years and learned to play guitar for this album. Graduate of UC Davis. Cowboyed for Thunderstruck cattle ranch.

Chuck Jamison on cowboy drum and bagpipes. Chuck has been playing pipes and drums for over 25 years. Worked at Roseville Cattle Auction when younger
Ryan Laursen on mandolin. Ryan has been playing for a number of years in Celtic bands and brings a whole new flavor to the bands cowboy/Celtic roots.


William S. Hart Park
Heritage Junction Stage

Saturday 12:45pm & 3:45pm
Sunday 11:45am & 2:45pm

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