Savannah Burrows

“Daddy, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life! Can I please take guitar lessons?”

That’s what Savannah Burrows said to her father as she pointed to Taylor Swift on-stage during the Superstar’s spellbinding “Fearless” Tour held at Staples Center Los Angeles, 2010. Inspired by Taylor, Savannah added guitar lessons to her musical passion which was the beginning of something magical.

With Savannah’s new Taylor acoustic guitar at her side, she began singing and songwriting. Even her earliest work displays a musical maturity that was destined to delight her audience. Her original music, high-energy performances, relatable storytelling lyrics, and powerful vocals are resonating with ever larger audiences.

Often playful, and always passionate, Savannah showcases a charisma that audiences can’t resist. Savannah was the 2016 winner of the 35th Local Nationwide Country Showdown Contest in Santa Clarita, CA. The competition was held on July 16, 2016 in front of 8,000 country fans.

Savannah, illuminates her big heart by sharing her gifts with a variety of causes, including first responders. She recently sang the National Anthem for a tribute ceremony recognizing LA County Fire & Law Enforcement Officers who risked their lives responding to one of California’s largest forest fires. She delighted the guests of every demographic, including U.S. Congressman Steve Knight, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger and Santa Clarita Mayor Bob Kellar.

A resident of Santa Clarita, CA, Savannah has cultivated a community of supporters who are deeply invested in her success – but none more so than her parents. Her father Bruce, an inventor and entrepreneur, co-writes. Her mother, Bobbi Burrows, is no stranger to the entertainment industry, was a University of Wisconsin-Madison music major that toured with the Wisconsin Singers.


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