The California Feet Warmers

california-feetwarmers-repFun-lovin’ masters of ragtime, Dixieland blues and early swing, The California Feetwarmers have a depth of character that sets them apart from others who have followed that throwback path to New Orleans, Circa 1920. Their hugely-entertaining and boisterous on-stage antics are solidly underpinned by playing that is as close to the source as it can be. The eight-piece got together to play the music that they each felt so strongly drawn towards and, as can magically happen when true kindred spirits connect, suddenly discovered that it was a very meant-to-be happening. Word spread quickly and they began gigging constantly – at first for music lovers then for dancers, as the Lindy Hop set fell in love with their appealing “from back then” sound. Their debut album was recorded in 2013 when the band decided to recapture the energy of their live show in the studio. The self-titled release showcases their full armoury to deliver a blast of good-time trad jazz, blues and rags that features guest appearances from Phil Alvin (The Blasters) and Andy Bean (Two Man Gentleman Band) both of whom are big fans of all they do. When Keb Mo’ grabbed the band to provide the right feel for the now Grammy Nominated single “The Old Me Better,” he did so as he wanted it to sound like “a joyous thing – a party,” he told The Wall Street Journal in a recent interview …Now couldn’t we all do with a bit of that in our lives right now?

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