Buckaroo Book Shop

Rendezvous With A Writer at the Buckaroo Book Shop, where Readers and Writers meet! Come meet authors of all genres including Western Fiction, Romance, Non-Fiction, Biography, Auto-Biography, Poetry, Songwriting, and Children’s Books. We all look forward to chatting with you about our books and what you like to read. Are you a writer with questions about publishing today? We may have answers!


This is the participant roster, arranged alphabetically by last name. Click the name for their website. The Buckaroo Book Shop is located adjacent to the OutWest Stage, by Hart Hall.




OutWest Stage Schedule Saturday

OutWest Stage Schedule Sunday


John Bergstrom – Songwriter, Performing Musician

Almeda Bradshaw – Songwriter, Writer, Performing Musician

Bob Brill – Western Fiction, Biography, Auto-Biography

Al P. Bringas – Fine Art Artist, Book illustrator

Margaret Brownley – Western Romance

Jim Christina – Western Fiction, Host of The Writer’s Block Radio Show on LA Talk Radio

Eric Heisner – Western Fiction, Screenwriter

Dale B. Jackson – Western Fiction

C. Courtney Joyner – Western Fiction, Non-Fiction, Screenwriter

Andria Kidd – Poet, Spoken Word Performer

Jeff McArthur – Non-Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction (Sunday appearance)

Richard Paolinelli – Non-Fiction, Fiction (Saturday appearance)

Cheryl Rogers-Barnett – Autobiography

Katie Ryan – Memoir, Documentary Filmmaker (Sunday appearance)

JR Sanders – Western Fiction, Non-Fiction

Peter Sherayko –Non-Fiction Author, Actor, Film Producer, Western Historian, Entrepreneur

Janet Squires – Western Historical Fiction, Children’s Books

P.W, (Peter) Conway- Cowboy poet and rancher, shares a poem or two for both the young and old

Jerry Hall and Trick Shot- Jerry Hall, Ed Hughes and Randy Fowler
Known as “Tulare County’s Favorite Country and Western Music Band”

Henry C. Parke True West Magazine Western Film Editor, Screenwriter

Women on the Move Trio– Joan Enguita Willingham, Linda Geleris and Trish Lester
Known for their tight harmony, smooth vocals, and original songs based on their life experiences

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